About us

We were born within the scientific research scenario and our roots are in Research and Development, which is why our solutions represent the state of art in technology integration, giving us a very important and explicit characteristic of innovation.

We develop data analysis and geospatial intelligence solutions for agribusiness and environmental monitoring as well as aquatic systems, using multispectral and hyperspectral images acquired by satellites and cameras attached to drones. These are integrated with machine learning algorithms, data science, computer vision and bio-optical modeling.

Here, we believe that addressing environmental challenges requires continuous collaboration and innovation. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our technologies and expand our services to meet the ever-evolving needs of our changing planet.


Innovate, with a focus on scientific, technological, and human essence, the products and processes through data analysis and geospatial intelligence solutions.


To be recognized as an innovative and excellent company that provides advanced solutions for environmental monitoring, aquatic systems, and agribusiness.


  • Efficiency and results
  • Collaboration and empathy
  • Science and innovation
  • Ethics and sustainability